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Research-Based Nutritional Products

Apex Energetics™ is a leading provider of research-based nutritional products available exclusively through healthcare professionals. Apex Energetics™ has an industry-leading commitment to purity, performance, and quality professional products.

How It Works

To get started, you will need a Provider Access Code from Whole Woman Health.

To get one, you must be a Whole Woman Health patient. Request one by contacting us at (207) 563-7000 or by email at info@wholewomanhealthcare.com and we’ll be glad to assist.

Once you receive your Code, you can visit the Apex Energetics website to create an account and begin placing orders.

Product Lines

K-Line Nutritionals™
TerrainZyme® Z-Plex
Herbal H-Plex
Cellegion® L-Plex

Product Groupings

ClearVite™ Formulas
Essential Fatty Acids
Essential Vitamins

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