Food Plans

Yeast-Free Anti-Candida Food Plan

Candida, a yeast-like fungus, is commonly present in our intestines, and its growth is usually limited by our immune systems and by our microflora. However, if Candida is allowed to grow due to a weakened immune system or disease such as diabetes, the harmonious balance between it and the “good” bacteria in our systems is upset, resulting in intestinal candidiasis.

The Institute for Functional Medicine’s “Yeast-Free Anti-Candida Food Plan” provides a comprehensive plan and meal guide (with recipes and a shopping list).


The low-FODMAP diet was developed at Monash University in Australia as an approach for managing patients with functional gut disorders. It involves avoidance of foods that contain specific types of carbohydrates that your body may be unable to efficiently absorb. Foods that contain higher levels of FODMAPs are to be avoided while on the diet; some examples of foods that are to be avoided (high-FODMAP) and those that are permitted (low-FODMAP) are as follows.

Specific Carbohydrate Diet Food Plan