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A woman’s health care needs are unique as she transitions through life. At Whole Woman Health, I realize there is only one you, and that only an individual, tailored treatment plan addressing your specific needs and goals will do. I provide care for women at every stage of their lives. I invite new patients to contact me for a FREE 15-minute initial phone consult to explore how you can benefit from integrating the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your health care. (Carrie Levine, CNM)

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“With over 24 years of experience as a women’s health provider, Carrie Levine practices a holistic, functional care that includes all aspects of what may be out of balance in a woman’s body, looking for the underlying cause of any issues. She is proficient in nutrition and food as medicine, and in lifestyle suggestions that will help a woman live her best life. You will leave her office feeling much better than you did when you entered, every time!”

(Susan E.D. Doughty, APRN, WHNP-BC)

“I was pretty devastated when my healthcare provider retired and referred me to Carrie. My reluctance grew as the need to make that first appointment for my annual exam drew near. How could she ever understand me and my health philosophies? I bet you can guess what I write next—Carrie is wonderful! Patient, kind, understanding, and extremely knowledgeable. We are so fortunate to have her open this practice!”


“I first started seeing Carrie (Levine) about seven years ago. On our first visit, she spent over an hour with me and let me talk about me, and she listened. Really listened. Carrie showed a genuine interest and concern for my total well-being. She gave me hope that my overall health and well-being could improve.”


“I drive about 500 miles, round-trip, to visit Carrie for my annual doctor’s physical examination. However, visiting with Carrie is more than checking in with my physical health. She still takes time to listen to and coach me regarding nutrition, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. Isn’t this what all women want? . . . The two main reasons why I continue to make trips to see Carrie is, one, ‘to get permission to take care of myself.’ The other reason is to get my thoughts and feelings about this crazy world we live in validated. Carrie empowers me to take care of myself, and she reminds me that it is not a selfish thing to do, that it is not only okay to do, but necessary. Coming from a highly informed and experienced health practitioner, I greatly value her expertise and support . . . Five hundred miles, round-trip? Sounds kind of foolish, doesn’t it? It’s worth every cent, however, and I’m worth it!”


“Carrie Levine is one of the most welcoming, caring, and knowledgeable health care providers I have ever been to. She takes time to really understand her patient, and is extremely thorough with diagnostic explanations and procedures. She is committed to her patient’s health and well-being, and goes above and beyond with her communication. I recommend her to any woman who seeks an experienced, holistic provider.”


“Whole Woman Health lives up to its name. Carrie Levine takes the time to learn about her patients as a whole person, not just as a list of symptoms. Trusting your healthcare provider is priceless, and I feel very fortunate to have her in my community.”


“I came to Carrie when I truly realized it was time to make a change. I was fifty pounds overweight and had been losing and gaining the same ten pounds every month for the past four years . . . We had our first visit and I was amazed: Carrie actually listened. She had ideas. She knew stuff—a lot of it—and together, we came up with a realistic plan that fit my lifestyle. Two years later, with Carrie’s assistance, I’ve gotten both my weight and my premenstrual symptoms under control.”


“I come to Carrie for advice about nutrition, supplements, switching to a vegetarian diet, PMS, birth control, and other assorted women’s health concerns. We’ve had consults, she’s done exams, I’ve sent her random emails . . . without fail in our interactions, she has been insightful, knowledgeable, down-to-earth, compassionate, and respectful of who I am and what my goals may be. I consider Carrie to be an invaluable resource in maintaining my health, particularly as I get older, and I recommend her without reservation to any woman looking for a smart, savvy ally in the field of women’s health.”


“Carrie Levine is a healer. I often think of her practice being about wellness, not about illness per se. She focuses on getting patients to their optimal state of wellness and it has made all the difference for me and my daughters. Carrie takes time to know her patients, listens carefully, and doesn’t jump to conclusions. She is not afraid to pick up the phone and consult with others in her network for the best advice she can give a patient.”


“Carrie Levine helps with modalities that help the body heal itself, not by pushing a series of drugs, but by educating the patient and helping her back to health in the most natural and fortifying way possible. We travel eight hours to see Carrie, and it is worth the road trip every time. My daughters are now in college—one all the way in Kentucky—and Carrie does phone appointments with them and has offered to Facetime with them if needed. Now that sure demonstrates passion for her patients!”

Now seeing patients in my Newcastle, Maine office and in Brunswick @ Lifecycle Women’s Health, 37 Mill Street, Suite 13, Brunswick, Maine.

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